Sewage systems

diverse can supply a variety of accessories that could be used in the waste water networks and sewage systems.

Spigot fittings and flanges

Diameter: from 20 to 900 mm
Pressure: PN10-PN16
Application: water (but also gas)
Range: flange adaptor, flange, 45º and 90º elbow, end cap, reducer, tee, reducing tee, seamless bend

Accessories for electrofusion

(under specific request)

Diameter: from 20 to 900 mm
Pressure: PN10-PN16-PN25
Application: water (but also gas)
Range: coupler, reducing coupler, end cap, 45º and 90º elbow, tee, reducing tee, saddles and brass transitions

Electrofusion machines

Comprehensive range of electronically controlled machines to produce a quality electrofusion joint on couplers, reducers, tee section, branch saddles and service off-takes.

Containing state of the art control circuitry, the welding machines have the option of downloading fusion data by USB data stick or transmitting it together with photographic evidence in real time using a mobile phone.

Butt fusion machines

Range of automatic butt welding machines have been designed and developed for use on water (and gas) pressure polyethylene pipe networks.

Control of the joining process is achieved through an integral computer in the machine which controls and monitors all joining parameters (time, temperature, pressure, movement and sequence).

Welding process will not continue if any of these parameters are not within the limits specified by the selected welding standards.

Electrofusion and butt fusion tooling

  • Rotary scraping tools
  • Saddle branch and hand scraping tools
  • Scraping blades and tips
  • Pipe and handling clamps
  • Positioning kits
  • Top loading clamps
  • Re-rounding clamps
  • Squeeze tools
  • Pipe cutting tools and cutter keys
  • Towing heads and adaptors
  • Test and calibration equipment
  • Output leads
  • Terminal ends and adaptors
  • Barcode scanners
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Debeading tools
  • Barrier pipe tools
  • Water pumps and drainers
  • Cleaning tools
  • Purging and testing tools for gas

PVC fittings and valves (high and low pressure)

Diameter: from 16 to 630 mm
Pressure: PN6-PN10-PN16
Application: waste water
Complements: glue and inserts


Base inspection chambers, covers for smooth and corrugated pipes

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